Looking for a local business?
Food and Drink40a High Street
F Hinds
Retail6-7 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
Las Iguanas
Food and Drink75 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Usk Plaza, NP20 1DS
Sunset Boulevard Haircutters
Haidresser/barber198 Upper Dock Street
Track Hair & Beauty
Beauty76 Commercial Street, NP20 1LR
Retail166-167 Commercial Street, NP20 1QY
Home Rental Services
Estate agents7 Caxton Place, NP20 4BN
Baneswell Social Club
Food and DrinkStow Hill
Shoe Zone
Retail51 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
Euro Change
RetailKingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EW
Stardust Amusements
Entertainment39-40 High Street, NP20 1GF
Clubsport Skechers Ltd
RetailUnit 15, Friars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1DU
Brook Street
Recruitment175 Commercial Street, NP20 1JN
Food and Drink11 High Street, NP20 1FS
The Queens Hotel
Food and Drink19 Bridge Street, NP20 4AN
Food and Drink73 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Usk Way, NP20 1DS
RetailUnit 8 Newport Arcade, NP20 1GD
Carphone Warehouse
RetailUnit 30, Friars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1EA
The Money Shop
Retail57 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
RetailUnit 6 Friars Walk, NP20 1HZ
Main Street Store
Retail87B Commercial Street, NP20 1LS
The Angel
Food and Drink39 West Street, Baneswell, NP20 4DD
New Look Mens
RetailUnit 9, Friars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1DR
Body Shop
RetailUnit 14, Friars Walk, NP20 1DW
Financial1 Bridge Street, NP20 4UT
Sports Direct Fitness
Leisure9-12 Commercial Street, NP20 1SJ
BMS News
Retail33 Charles Street, NP20 1JT
Bellavia & Associates
Cole & Gibbs
RetailMajestic Buildings, 14, Stow Hill, Newport, NP20 1JB
ST Pauls Church
Charity9 Bridge Street, NP20 4AL
H Samuel
Retail173 Commercial Street, NP20 1JN
Newport Grill
Food and Drink197 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DA
Retail31 Commercial Street, NP20 1HJ
Kev's Lucky 7 Tattoo
Retail1 Market Arcade, NP20 1FS
Burger King
Food and Drink25/26 Commercial Street, NP20 1YD
St Vincent's
Charity56 Commercial Street
Financial147 Commercial Street, NP20 1LN
Newport Post Office
RetailUnit 19, Sovereign Arcade, Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
The Works
Retail171 Commercial Street, NP20 1JN
RetailUnit 6-9 Stow Hill, NP20 1JB
Peter Alan
Estate agents75 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Retail13 Commercial Street, NP20 1HE
Missy Brow's Eyebrows & Beauty Salon
Beauty114 Commercial Street, NP20 1LW
Haidresser/barber34 Cambrian Road,, NP20 4AB
RetailUnit 29 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EW
NP Clubs
EntertainmentCambrian Road
Abba Hair Salon
Haidresser/barberFirst Floor, 42 Llanarth Street, NP20 1HR
Coffee & Crumbs
Food and Drink60A Commercial Street, NP20 1LQ
RetailUnit 27 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
RetailUnit 13, 12 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1DU
Property 1st Group Ltd
Estate agents44 Bailey Street, NP20 4DJ
Shoe Zone
RetailUnit 11, Sovereign Arcade, Kingsway Shopping Centre,, NP20 1EB
Haidresser/barber2 High Street, NP20 1GD
Ramji & Boomers
Retail10 Skinner Street, NP20 1GY
Retail29 High Street, NP20 1GH
The Optic Shop
Optician27a High Street
Hello Hello
Retail29 Skinner Street, NP20 1HB
Switch E-Cig
Retail64 Commercial Street, NP20 1LQ
Drago lounge
Food and Drink77 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Usk Plaza, NP20 1DS
Food and Drink49 High Street, NP20 1GA
John W Davies
Solicitors27 Bridge Street, NP20 4BG
Food and Drink137 Commercial Street, NP20 1LN
Davis and Sons Estate Agents
Estate agents20 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AB
Age Cymru Gwent
Charity12 Baneswell Road, NP20 4BP
Colonial Candles
Retail146 Commercial Street, NP20 1LN
SA Cutler
Insurance22 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AB
Retail29 Skinner Street, NP20 1HB
Urban Tap House
Food and Drink22-24 High Street, NP20 1FX
Alacrity Foundation
CharityKingsway, NP20 1HG
Euro Gallery
RetailUnit 17 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EW
Fresh Start
Food and Drink36 Cambrian Rd,, NP20 4AB
Entertainment15-16 Upper Dock Street
Retail161-163 Commercial Street
Crook & Blight
Estate agentsBank Buildingss 67 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Sports Direct
Retail9-12 Commercial Street, NP20 1SJ
Absolute Recruitment
Recruitment6 Caxton Place, NP20 4BN
David Stock & Co LTD
Financial73 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Mortgage Advice Bureau
Estate agents77 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
CEX Newport
Retail19-20 Commercial Street, NP20 1HF
Food and Drink39 Llanarth Street, NP20 1HR
Newport Smile Centre
Dentist5 North Street, NP20 1JZ
Citizen Advice Bureau
Charity182 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DG
X-Clusive Jewellery
Retail6 and 7 W Market St, NP20 2AU
RetailUnit 1 , Friars Walk Shopping Centre, John Frost Square, NP20 1EA
British Heart Foundation
Charity81-82 Commercial Street, NP20 1LR
Barefoot Ceramics
Retail27 Charles Street, NP20 1JT
Food and Drink185 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DG
Food and Drink7a Westgate Buildings, NP20 1JL
The Lounge
Food and Drink6 Market Street, NP20 1FU
Leonard W Cole & Robert A Gibbs
Other14 Stow Hill, NP20 1JB
JD Sports Fashion PLC
Retail21-23 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, John Frost Square, NP20 1DR
OpticianUnit 2, Austin Friars, NP20 1DQ
Infinity Mist
RetailUnit 7B Westgate Buildings, Commercial Street, NP20 1JL
Riverfront Theatre
EntertainmentKingsway, NP20 1HG
RetailUnit 35 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EW
Town Taxis
Taxi5 Caxton Place, NP20 4BN
Arnolds Lighting
RetailSkinner Lane, NP20 1GY
Jack News
Retail65 Commercial Street, NP20 1LQ
Friends Lounge
Food and Drink39 West Street, NP20 4DD
Thomas Cook
Retail80 Bridge St, Newpor, NP20 4AB
RetailUnit 12 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
Caffe Nero
Food and Drink44 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
Solicitors29 Bridge Street, NP20 4BG
Luggage Centre
Retail13 Commercial Street
University of South Wales
EducationUsk Way, NP20 2BP
Retail149-151 Commercial Street
Retail33-35 Friars Walk, NP20 1DR
Carpet Gallery
Retail8-9 Charles Street, NP20 1JU
The Potters
Food and Drink22-24 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DL
Haidresser/barber16-18 Cambrian Rd, Newport, NP20 4AB
Food and Drink31 High Street, NP19 1GH
The Cross Keys
Food and Drink9 Market Street, NP20 1FU
Drinks Express
Food and Drink232 Stow Hill, NP20 4HA
Cash Brokers
Financial15 Skinner Street, NP20 1HA
New Pathways
Charity20-21 High Street, NP20 1FW
Golden Fish Bar
Food and Drink79 Commercial Street, NP20 1LR
Slipping Jimmy's
Food and Drink51-52 High Street, NP20 1GA
Food and Drink63 Friars Walk Shopping Centre,Usk Plaza, NP20 1DS
The Fragrance Shop
RetailUnit SU5, Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
Food and Drink22-23 Commercial Street, NP20 1SN
Vapourzest/The Phone Shop
Retail17 Upper Dock Street, NP20 6WE
Food and Drink65 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Usk Way, NP20 1DS
Retail12-20 Stow Hill, NP20 1JB
Careers Wales
Charity46-47 High Street, NP20 1GA
Friends of St Annes Hospice
Charity152 Commercial Street, NP20 1JQ
Retail4 Llanarth Street
Pinnacle Letting Agency
Estate agents9 Station Street, NP20 4AU
Food and DrinkUnit R1B, Friars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1DS
ACT Training
Training28 Bridge Street, NP20 4AN
Retail14 Cambrian Rd, Newport, NP20 4AB
Roberts & Co Sales
Estate agents76 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Le Raj
Food and Drink84 Commercial Street, NP20 1LS
Food and Drink35 High Street, NP20 1GF
Strawberry Water Junk Co
Antiques12 Upper Dock Street
Financial33 High Street, NP20 1RU
Retail46 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
Retail164 Commercial Street, NP20 1JN
Jack + Jones
Retail17 Friars Walk, NP20 4UR
Newland Rennie
Estate agents68 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Love Me Yarns
RetailUnit 15, Kingsway Centre, NP20 1EW
The New Lahore
Food and Drink145 Lower Dock Street, NP20 1EE
Solsbury Solutions
Recruitment24-26 Railway Street, NP20 4AT
Blind Tiger
Retail48 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AB
Georgiou Hair Design
Haidresser/barber94 Commercial Street, NP20 1LU
Food and DrinkUnit 2, John Frost Square, NP20 1PX
Pen & Wig
Food and Drink22-24 Stow Hill, NP20 1JD
Break n Dish
Leisure14 Stow Hill, NP20 4LT
Roberts & Co-Lets
Estate agents76 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Lifestyle Express
Retail18-19 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1PH
The Tom Toya Lewis
Food and Drink108-109 Commercial Streetq, NP20 1LW
RetailUnit 11c Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1HY
Cellys Hairdressers
Haidresser/barber27a High Street, NP20 1GH
Retail8 Austin Friars, NP20 1DQ
City Treasures
Retail88 Commercial Street, NP20 1LS
Food and DrinkUnit 43-45 Friars Walk, NP20 1DR
British Red Cross Society
Charity55 Commercial Street, NP20 1LQ
New Look
RetailUnit 18-20 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1DU
Food and Drink42-43 High Street
RetailUnit 43, Emlyn Walk, Kingsway Centre, NP20 1EU
RetailUnit 13 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EW
Perfect Home
Retail33, NP20 1ED
Coffee Thirst
Food and Drink93 Commercial Street, NP20 1LS
Newport Martial Arts
Leisure85 Commercial Street, NP20 1LS
Walter Hunter
Accountants24 Bridge Street, NP20 4SF
Liverton Opticians
Retail26 Charles Street, NP20 1JT
CharitySt David's House, 137 Commercial Street, NP20 1LN
Capitol Taxis
Taxi187 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DB
Linx Accountants
AccountantsSuite 10, Tredegar Chambers, Bridge Street, NP20 2EQ
HPJV Solicitors
Solicitors13-14 Baneswell Road, NP20 4BP
The John Wallace Linton
Food and DrinkUnit 10-12 The Cambrian Centre, Cambrian Road, NP20 4AD
Coffee #1
Food and Drink47A Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
Haidresser/barber32 Skinner Street, NP20 1HB
Stock IT
Retail17 Baneswell Road, NP20 4BP
A.D. Turner & Sons
RetailThe Provision Market, NP20 1DD
Marks & Spencer
Food and Drink44-48 John Frost Square, NP20 1DU
Luscombe and Co
Estate agents26 Bridge Street, NP20 4BG
Muffin Break
Food and DrinkUnit 11, Friars Walk, NP20 1DH
Fragrance Shop
RetailUnit SU5 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP19 1EB
Retail17-18 High Street, NP20 1FW
RetailUnit 21-22 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1HY
RetailCommercial Street, NP20 1JQ
The Secret Garden
Food and Drink25a Charles Street, NP20 1JT
The Woodstore
RetailMarket Arcade, NP20 1FS
That's Entertainment
RetailUnit 12, Kingsway Centre, NP20 1HY
Retail155-156 Commercial Street, NP20 1UE
USA Chicken
Food and Drink28 Skinner Street, NP20 1HB
The Gym
LeisureThe Cambrian Centre, Station Quarter, NP20 4AD
Card Factory
Retail172 Commercial Street, NP20 1JN
Kingston Newell
Estate agents70 Bridge Street, NP20 4AG
V's Hair & Beauty
BeautyUnit 2, 17 Skinner Street, NP20 1HA
Jacklyn Dawson
SolicitorsEquity Chambers, John Frost Square, NP20 1PW
Charity177 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DY
John's Meat Market
Butcher111-112 Commercial Street, NP20 1LW
Chloe's Hair & Beauty
Beauty190 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DB
Case Up Mobiles
Retail39 Commercial Street, NP20 1HP
La Belle Femme Boutique
Retail35 Commercial Street, NP20 1HP
Mad Hatters
Food and Drink12 High Street, NP20 1FW
EntertainmentFriars Walk Shopping Centre, Usk Way, NP20 1DS
TGI Friday
Food and Drink61 Friars Walk Mall, NP20 1DQ
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
RetailUnit 1, Friars Walk, NP20 1DR
What A Party
Retail4-5 Commercial Street, NP20 1HE
RetailUnit 20, Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1HY
Le Bistro Pierre
Food and Drink71 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Usk Way, NP20 1HG
Cash Generator Newport
Retail67 Commercial Street, NP20 1LQ
CAB Newport
Charity8 Corn Street, NP20 1DJ
Celtic Vapoures
RetailNewport Arcade, NP20 1GD
Albany Medical Centre
MedicalSkinner Street, NP20 1HD
Top Nails
Beauty11 Charles Street, NP20 1JU
The Wardrobe
Retail3 Friars Street, NP20 1DP
Newport Leisure Centre
Leisure1 Kingsway, NP20 1UH
Financial56 Bridge Street, NP20 4BL
The Best Connection
Recruitment13/14 Tredegar Chambers, 76/81 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
RetailUnit 20 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EW
Nat West
FinancialHigh Street
Assets Jewellery
Retail42 Llanarth Street, NP20 1HR
Food and DrinkUnit R9, Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Usk Plaza, NP20 1DW
RetailUnit 18 Friars Walk, NP20 1DW
Dolman Theatre
EntertainmentKingsway Shopping Centre, Emlyn Square, NP20 1HY
RetailUnit 15, Friars Walk, NP20 1DU
Retail61 Commercial Street, NP20 1LQ
Red Lion
Food and Drink47 Stow Hill, NP20 1JH
Red Key Property Services
Estate agents21 Bridge Street, NP20 4AN
Retail141-142 Commercial Street
Deichmann Shoes
Retail48 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
Eshaal's Fish & Chips
Food and Drink184 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DG
Jeffries Jewellers
Retail13-15 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1DR
River Island
RetailUnit 4 Friars Walk, NP20 1DB
Clive Mortimer Goldsmith
Retail7 Newport Arcade, NP20 1GD
Bubble Trouble
Food and DrinkUnit 9, Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
Food and Drink46 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AB
The Lamb
Food and Drink6 Bridge Street, NP20 4AL
RetailUnit 41, Emlyn Walk, Kingsway, NP20 1EW
Zam Zam
Retail58 Commercial Street, NP20 1LQ
Food and Drink6-8 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AD
Falafilo Island
Food and Drink16 High Street, NP20 1FW
USA Nails
Retail59 Commercial Street, NP20 1LR
Graham and Co
Surveyors114 Commercial Street, NP20 1LW
Warren James - Jewellers
RetailUnit 4, kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
The Talisman
Food and Drink59 Commercial Street, NP20 1LR
Hotel66 Bridge Street, NP20 4AP
Pritchie Cafe
Food and Drink121 Commercial Street, NP20 1LX
Skylite Luggage
RetailUnit 18 Kings Way Centre, NP20 1EW
Asaga Noodle Bar
Food and Drink154 Commercial Street, NP20 1JQ
McCann's Rock N Ale Bar
Food and DrinkHigh Street, NP20 1FQ
The Fantastic Sandwich Club 2
Food and DrinkStation Street, NP20 4AU
Meridian Business Support
Other9 Baneswell Road, NP20 4BP
Harding Evans Solicitors
SolicitorsQueens Chambers, 2 North Street, NP20 1TE
Broomfield and Alexander
FinancialWaters Lane Chambers, 1-3 Waters Lane, NP20 1LA
St David's Foundation Hospice Care
Charity38 High Street, NP20 1GF
Luggage Outlet
Retail18 Kingsway, NP20 1EB
RetailCambrian Rd, Newport, NP20 4AB
Smooth Moves
Estate agents18 Baneswell Road, NP20 4BP
Tanning91 Commercial Street, NP20 1LS
Food and DrinkKingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1HY
Sin City Comics
RetailFriars Walk Shopping Centre, NP20 1DR
Krispy Kreme
Food and DrinkFriars Walk, NP20 1DW
Java Coffee House
Food and Drink1 Charles Street, NP20 1JU
Windsor Castle
Food and Drink18-19 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DH
Warehouse 54
Food and Drink50 Cambian Road, NP20 4AB
Richards Buy Back Brokers
Other10 Baneswell Road, NP20 4BP
Financial14 Commercial Street, NP20 1HE
Costa (In Next)
Food and DrinkNext unit Msu01, 49-51 Friars Walk Shopping Centre, John Frost Square, NP20 1DR
NLS Solicitors
Solicitors26 Stow Hill, NP20 1JD
AG Meek
Retail3-4 Llanarth Street, NP20 1HS
Food and Drink44 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
Camera Centre UK
Retail7 Charles Street, NP20 1JU
JP Stores
Retail80 Commercial Street, NP20 1LR
Retail159 Commercial Street, NP20 1JQ
Roger James Clements & Partner
Solicitors71-72 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Retail169 Commercial Street, NP20 1JN
Retail38 Commercial Street, NP20 1HP
T's Male Grooming
Beauty11 Station Street, NP20 4AU
Bon Marche
Retail138-139 Commercial Street, Town Centre, Newport, NP20 1LN
Estate agents11 Bridge Street, NP20 4AL
Retail10 Charles Street, NP20 1JU
Optic Shop
Retail27a High Street, NP20 1GH
Elegance and Decadence
Retail9 Newport Arcade, NP20 1GD
RetailUnit 10-12 Friars Walk, NP20 1DU
Continental Eaterie
Food and Drink175 Upper Dock Street
Newport Market
RetailHigh Street, NP20 1FX
Shaws The Drapers
Retail53/54 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
Black Bear Vintage Emporium
Retail26 Skinner Street
VJ Nails and Beauty
Retail48 High Street, NP20 1GA
Olive Tree
Food and Drink22-24 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DL
Wellbeing Solutions
Other25 Charles Street, NP20 1JT
Savers Health &Beauty PLC
Retail50-52 Sovereign Arcade, Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1ED
William Hill
Retail51A High Street, NP20 1GB
Root 66
Haidresser/barber13 Station Street, NP20 4AU
The Pobl Group
HousingExchange House, the Old Post Office, NP20 1AA
Big Bite Diner
Food and Drink122 Commercial Street, NP20 1LX
RetailUnit 1 Friars Walk, NP20 1EY
Retail119 Commercial Street
RetailUnit 5, Cambrian Retail Centre, Cambrian Road, NP20 4AD
Le Public Space
Food and Drink14 High Street, NP20
John Payne
Haidresser/barber8 Skinner Street, NP20 1GY
Charity36 Charles Street, NP20 1JT
Ye Old Murenger House
Food and Drink52-53 High Street, NP20 1GA
Haidresser/barberHigh Street, NP20 1FS
Retail1-7 Friars Walk, NP20 1DR
Bibi Bags
Retail28 High Street, NP20 1GH
RetailKingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1EB
The Carpenters
Food and Drink9 High Street, NP20 1FQ
InsuranceAdmiral House, NP20 4AG
Blue Banana Newport
Retail50 Commercial Street, NP20 1LP
La Bamba
Food and Drink19 High Street, NP20 1FW
Drunk Monkey Tattoos
Tattooist94a Commercial Street, NP20 1LU
Superbowl UK
EntertainmentFriars Walk, NP20 1EA
Newport Credit Union
FinancialIndoor Market, Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DD
RetailUnit 4-7 Westgate, NP20 1JL
RetailMarket Arcade, NP20 1FS
Other40 Llanarth Street, NP20 1HR
Newport Bus Travel Centre
OtherFriars Walk Bus Station
Lloyds Bank
Financial42 Commercial Street, NP20 1WX
Beam Sports and Schoolwear
Retail26 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AB
Cupcakes and Cocktails
Food and Drink12-13 High Street, NP20 1FW
The Pot Caf
Food and Drink3-4 High Street, NP20 1GD
Bar Piazza
Food and Drink8-9 John Frost Square, NP20 1HZ
HI FI Western Ltd
Retail52 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AB
Taylored Skin
Tattooist181 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DG
The Candle Company
Retail11 Friars Walk, NP20 1HG
Top Image Nursery
Nursery120 Commercial Street, NP20 1LX
Kymin Financial
Financial35 Bridge Street, NP20 4BH
Regis Recruitment
Recruitment70 Bridge Street, NP20 4AQ
Care Cymru
Care32 Bridge Street, NP20 4BH
Efe's Grill
Food and Drink24 Cambrian Road, NP20 4AB
RetailUnit 20, Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1HY
Haidresser/barber19 Baneswell Road, NP20 4BP
Tattooist193 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DB
Raza's Buy & Sell Shop
Retail97 Commercial Street, NP20 1LU
RetailUnit 24 Kingsway Shopping Centre, NP20 1ED
Pure Gym
LeisureUnit 35, Kingsway Centre, NP20 1EW
Davies Florist
Florist194 Upper Dock Street, NP20 1DB
Minuteman Press
Printing27a Hill Street, NP20 1LZ
Hotel52-54 Stow Hill, NP20 1JG
Driscoll Young
Solicitors33 Stow Hill, NP20 1JH