Levy payers can offer their views on integration in Newport


Newport Now BID Levy payers are invited to participate in a Newport stakeholder focus group about ‘integration’ facilitated by the Bevan Foundation.

The Bevan Foundation is a Welsh specific, independent ‘think tank’ based in Merthyr Tydfil, which is focussed on solutions to poverty and inequality.

The Bevan Foundation has been working on Immigration Policy as part of a wider project funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, and is now looking at putting together a case for an integration strategy in Wales to ensure the rights of migrants are upheld, and that their needs are met.

In order to support their work in this area, the Bevan Foundation are developing a number of geographic case studies linked to the real experiences of people who have migrated to Wales and the challenges that they continue to face. The Foundation has approached Newport to take part in this research and act as a case study as one of 3 Local Authorities. Newport has agreed to participate in order to better understand the local challenges to integration.

To collect data, the Foundation proposes to interview individuals, organisations, and stakeholders who have a role in providing support and services to people who have migrated to Wales, and businesses who are migrant-owned or provide employment to migrants. The focus of research will be to understand issues around integration and any limitations within the current policy framework in Wales, as well as identifying any good practice.

As part of this, we would like to invite you to participate in one of the two focus group meetings which are held next month:

  • Friday 13 September, 9.00 – 10:30 Civic Centre, Committee Room 7
  • Tuesday 17 September, 9.00 – 10:30 Civic Centre Room 533 Directors Meeting Room

Please contact Emmy Chater by email emmy.chater@newport.gov.uk or telephone 01633 210447 to indicate which date you are able to attend.

Businesses that are interested but unable to attend, can contact Claire Thomas from the Bevan Foundation for alternative arrangements. Her contact details are: claire.thomas@bevanfoundation.org Telephone: 01685 350938