Monthly meeting with police inspector


Gwent Police's inspector for the city centre, Jodie Davies, has set up an monthly online meeting for businesses.

Here is a message from Jodie...

Hi All

I am the Inspector for the City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team and would like everyone that runs/manages/works at a business within the City Centre to have an opportunity to meet with me at a set time and date each month – 10am, the last Thursday of the month via teams.

The aim of the meeting is to update you all on the work that my team are doing to tackle the many issues in the city centre including aggressive begging, drug dealing, asb and shoplifting.  Secondly, and very importantly, for you to speak with me directly about any concerns you have for your business, customers or general issues in the city centre.

Attendance can be when you are able to attend or when you have an issue.  I know time is very precious and I do not like meetings for the sake of it but feel that the meetings would be worthwhile to improve our communication with you all and also an opportunity for me to hear first-hand the issues that you are facing as business. Would be great if you could make them all.

I am really keen to resolve many of the issues in the city centre and would welcome your input.

Hopefully see you all soon but in the meantime if there are any pressing issues please let me know.   The link for the meeting is below.

Click here to join the meeting