Newport Business Against Crime


Accessing and viewing information on the NBaC DISC system. Some members are failing or having difficulty in accessing the DISC system so are not making full use of the information it holds. If you are receiving emails and the weekly bulletin then your email address is registered to use it. To access the DISC system from the email bulletin you will need to register and log into it. Go to ‘click here’ in the email bulletin under Latest News and Update at the top of the page or click an article on the bulletin.

It will request you log in using your password to view it. If you have forgotten your password then follow the instructions below the LOG IN box to request a new password. If you would like a short overview follow the link to a video. 

If you want to arrange a short visit to show your staff how to use it, please contact the administrator by clicking the word 'here' under the Welcome message.

Remember, if you don't register and access the system, your email address will be deleted.