Newport Now BID joins the fight against drink spiking


The Newport Now Business Improvement District (BID) is joining the fight against drink spiking by providing pubs, clubs and bars in the city centre with thousands of free drinks covers.

Newport Now has purchased 12,500 Stop Topps to distribute free of charge to BID members in the licensed trade to help protect revellers as the Christmas party season gets into full flow.

Stop Topps are adhesive foil covers for drinks. They are suitable for glasses, bottles and cans.

Produced by a not-for-profit community interest company, the covers are made from small (100mm) sheets of aluminium foil, through which you can insert a straw for easy drinking.

The foils have food and hygiene approved glue on the underside so they stick securely on the top of any drinking vessel. This makes it difficult for anything to be added to a drink without the customer’s knowledge.

Newport Now manager Kevin Ward said: “There has been a considerable increase in reports and incidents of drink spiking across the UK, including Wales.

“It is important that people feel safe when they are on a night out and, along with other measures being taken by licensees and the police, we think making these drinks covers available freely to businesses and their customers will help.

“We expect delivery of the Stop Topps within the next fortnight, and we will then be distributing them via our Street Ambassadors to pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants for them to provide to their customers free of charge.”

Full details of how BID members can access this free service will be published on the Newport Now website –  – once the Stop Topps are delivered to the BID.

BID members must agree to provide the covers free to their customers to take part in the scheme.

More details about Stop Topps are available here: